6 Ideas for Frugal (Not Cheap) Wedding Decorations

welcome-board installations

If there is one thing India weddings are known for, it’s the lush decorations, besides beautifully-clad guests and the tasty food, (of course). There is everything wonderful about an Indian wedding with all those pretty decorations and bling. However, planning a wedding these days can be an expensive thing. But, there is, or let’s say there are ways to minimize … Continue reading

10 Spectacular Wedding Reception Décor Ideas That Will Surely Trend This Year!


Whether your wedding reception is a large scale celebration or a small gathering of close friends and family, there are so many ways to elevate your reception décor game! No matter if your style is conventional or offbeat, traditional or modern or if you are one of those couples who would love to quirk up their wedding reception décor, … Continue reading

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