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Destination wedding planning do’s and don’ts

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Dreaming of a destination wedding but you aren’t sure of how to go about it? Well, look no further! For we have come up with this ultimate list of do’s and don’ts of a destination wedding in India. So, be it the logistics of planning one or your own wedding-day requirements, our list of things that you should and shouldn’t do will ease your confusion while planning your destination wedding!
So, sit back and have your notepad ready, because this article shall give you a good deal of insightful information on planning a destination wedding!

Destination Wedding Planning do’s

  1. Decide your budget

    It is irrefutably the most important step while planning your destination wedding. You have got to be careful of all the factors and upcoming unavoidable expenses. And since destination weddings usually come with many unexpected expenses, you should be well aware of all each and every penny you will be spending. As they say, it’s always better to have some money saved, than to not have enough!

  2. Research about the local areas and vendors before you even think of going to that city!

    There is a lot you can find on the internet when it comes to seeking the useful information about a certain place. We aren’t saying that a virtual research will be enough, but it will definitely be a setting stone to your actual research on the city in which you are planning to have your destination wedding. And, with the social media being the biggest informant these days, we are sure you will get the basic and necessary information as well as latest events-related pictures from these platfroms! Wedding planning vendors as well as the venues will definitely have a lot to show you through their social media official profiles.

  3. Start planning your wedding at least a year prior to the fixed date!

    We know, this may seem like ages until your wedding day, but it’s the most practical way of going about a destination wedding! Whether you have a grand celebration in your mind, or an intimate family and friends’ gathering for your wedding day, looking for the availability of the best and most convenient guests accommodation, finalizing your wedding venue, hiring a local wedding planner, decorator, photographer and other service providers can be pulled off with much ease and relaxation if you start your planning at least a year prior to your wedding! Not only will it help you ease the hassle of planning a destination wedding, but will also increase your chances of saving a great deal of money as many hotel and resorts, decoration designers and planners usually give an early bird discount to their clients.

  4. Do visit the location with your wedding planner!

    Even if your selected venue is deemed as the best in the city, it would be an act of foolishness to not visit the venue and leave everything in the hands of in-house managing team. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have a perfect wedding of their dreams? And, one of the major factors of a successful wedding planning is how the wedding décor, execution and organization would be handled and carried out on the main event day. Besides, no matter what reverence your venue holds in the industry, there will be some elements at the venue which you might want to change, remove or add for that perfect wedding setup for your big day!

  5. Send your wedding invites at least 6 months prior to the wedding!

    As exciting a destination wedding is, the planning and bringing it into a dream-like reality require a big commitment to your guests! Having a destination wedding means, your guests will have to adjust their schedule according to your wedding date.


Destination Wedding Don’ts

  1. Don’t underestimate the temperature of your chosen city

    Indian climatic conditions vary from terrain to terrain, which means you will have to be aware of the weather changes and conditions around the time of your wedding date. Going for a summer wedding in Rajasthan won’t be an appeasing experience as it would be if you chose to go for a hill-station destination wedding! For, there is nothing worse than guests and you yourself shivering or sweating like crazy on your wedding day!

  2. Don’t procrastinate about bookings

    Even though there are more than 6 months left for your wedding, we suggest you to book your venue, air or train tickets, event organizers and other vendors as soon as possible. There is no fun in running after the vendors at the last moment along with having to pay them way more extra than you may saved if done on the right time!

  3. Don’t go for a dress without checking the weather of your chosen city!

    A velvet lehenga for a beach or desert wedding? That would be a big no from clothing experts!
    Similarly, going for a silk dress for a city with low on mercurial scale wouldn’t be a smart choice since the fabric is usually suited for warm weather.

  4. Don’t forget to research about the place

    Even if you have been to the same place multiple times, planning a wedding and going for a vacation are two different things. You should research about the place, the market price of the required wedding related services, the transportation services especially for your guests and about the weather conditions during your wedding events! Use social media to find the best and the least desired attributes about your prospective wedding venues, vendors and places you are planning to visit. Talk to as many people as you can about the place who live there (if you know them), and those who have been to that place before. Because, the more you know about a specific city or a place, the better it will be for you to plan your wedding according to your needs and ideas.

  5. Don’t forget to have fun!

    Planning a destination wedding is an overwhelming experience. But it doesn’t mean you have to worry about every tiny bit that’s going to happen at your wedding! Remember, someone will throw tantrums at your wedding; something will not go as expected. But, you have to remember, it happens to everyone! You have to let the extra worries at bay and enjoy the moments as much as you can. You are the star of the events and if you are not enjoying your time, your guests won’t either!


We hope you have liked and found this piece on destination weddings useful! Oh and, do share your thoughts on wedding planning with us in comment section below!

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