6 Ideas for Frugal (Not Cheap) Wedding Decorations

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6 Ideas for Frugal (Not Cheap) Wedding Decorations

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If there is one thing India weddings are known for, it’s the lush decorations, besides beautifully-clad guests and the tasty food, (of course). There is everything wonderful about an Indian wedding with all those pretty decorations and bling. However, planning a wedding these days can be an expensive thing. But, there is, or let’s say there are ways to minimize your potential expense to be spent on a wedding if done in the right way. And yes, that too with further elevating your wedding décor’s beauty and charm on an altogether different level. Besides, there is no point spending too much when something beautiful can easily be achieved in a small budget, right? So, to help you come up with new décor ideas that won’t cost a fortune, we have listed 7 affordable ideas for your wedding décor!


  1. Hello Beautiful (and Affordable Photo Booth)!

We are in love with the way how simplicity of a black backdrop complements with the pretty pink paper flowers placed at its top-left corner. And, that golden sign saying “Hello Beautiful” will surely attract all the beautiful lady-guests at your wedding!

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  1. Add Some Shine to Your Wedding Table Décor!

Got some extra bottles in your store-room, why not use them for your wedding décor? Yes, they are easy to paint and will work as a great center-piece idea for your table décor. You can add some pretty flowers or may be use different paints to make a colorful set of centerpieces for your mehndi or sangeet ceremony!

Gold Spray Painted Bottles - 17 Homemade Wedding Decorations for Couples on a Budget - EverAfterGuide

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  1. Boho- Mehndi décor

If you are a bride who has been planning to design your own mehendi décor, may be this can help you with your planning! The best thing about this pretty collection of hanging bottles with flowers in them is that all of the things required to come up with this décor idea will be easily available in any house. So, let that DIY queen within you out for your mehndi ceremony, and start finding the extra bottles in your home!

boho backyard wedding 10 best photos - backyard wedding - cuteweddingideas.com

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  1. Colourful organza for your wedding seating décor!

Indian weddings are famous for being the most colourful and liveliest of celebrations round the world. And, to further celebrate the ceremonial spirit filled with refreshing colours and eye-soothing decorations, we are sure these multi-colour ribbons will only add further beauty to your wedding décor!

Colourful organza for your wedding seating décor

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  1. Multicolour Bangles Chandelier

Well, who doesn’t like bangles? While you may have thought that they can only be used for accessorizing your wedding look, there is a lot you can do with bangles when it comes to decorating your sangeet or mehndi setup! Like for example, why not use some old bangles to give a traditionally Indian touch to your daylight event décor with this amazing multicolored bangle chandelier? Sounds like a nice idea, right?

Mehendi Wedding Decor - Best Wedding Decor Ideas: Browse Mehendi, Sangeet and Wedding decor Multi coloures bangles chandelier

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Or how about this beautiful bridal seat backdrop?

bridal seat backdrop

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  1. Get Creative With Paper

Do you remember those good old days when your art-teacher gave you some amazing lessons on paper cutting and paper folding art? So, why not reminisce those great school days back while you get some beautiful décor elements ready for your pre-wedding ceremonial decorations? Trust me, there is a lot you can do with a paper. So gather your friends, your nieces and nephews and everyone who will be more than excited to help you with the “paper-work”! We are sure, you will have a great time doing this.

Bollywood Decor Inspiration - Asian Wedding Ideas

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  1. Go pretty with rustic welcome-board installations!


For the couples who would love something rustically beautiful for their wedding, we bet this cute guest-welcoming installation will only be a delightful thing to look at! In fact, coming up with this décor installation will be the easiest thing in your wedding décor planning. All you need to do is grab a couple of wooden carton boxes, some faux flowers, a few tags and viola, you will have something as pretty as this as a welcoming décor element for your wedding guests!

welcome-board installations

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So, which one did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section below!

If you have more affordable wedding décor ideas for an Indian wedding, we would be more than delighted to have share them with us!

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