About Us

About Us

We plan destination weddings and celebrations across India

We at Wedding Planners Eye design authentic glorious celebrations and majestic gatherings with a home-like experience. As a contemporary modern wedding planner and creative event designer, we intent to make you feel comfortable, inspired and happy throughout the planning and execution process. Established in April 2013, we have organised over hundred beautiful weddings all over India including luxurious destination weddings in Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Kerala and more. Our team believes in taking a collaborative approach to guide and assist you to create that sublime visual, sensory and emotive experience you dream of.

Our all inclusive services support you throughout  the entire wedding planning procedure with utmost ease. We dig deep into your vision and comprehend your individualistic story to construct an event with unique personalisation. Our team then helps you to present this story with an enchanting and compelling event design infused with distinctive personal touches and considered details. Our diligent team works in a zealous manner to attentively choreograph every element of your event so that it all flows effortlessly. We manage all the nitty-gritty details around budget management, scheduling, supply team communications, contracts and paperwork, and everything in between.

Our enthusiastic team ensures that the wedding is absolutely stress-free for the couple as well as the families by taking care of even the minute details regarding the arrangements. We have built strong relationships with well respected industry professionals over the years, and are proud to be considered a planner of choice to various prestigious wedding venues in the country.

A one-stop solution for all your wedding woes, we help you create the perfect hassle-free wedding of your dreams.  Post styling and designing over a hundred wedding celebrations across various cultures and locations, as well as collaborating with numerous vendors, brands and entrepreneurs – we are absolutely fit with all the experience to help you create a truly extraordinary event, no matter what your priorities are, ensuring that you have the very best suppliers, all coordinated together perfectly with a cohesive and beautiful design plan.

For anyone wishing to soak up the Indian culture in all its glory, this is the service for you! Whether it is a quintessentially open space garden affair or an intimate private event, we at Wedding Planners Eye are here to help you with every step involved.

Meet our Directors

Yogesh Chaudhary
Yogesh Chaudhary

A Professional Wedding Planner cum Entrepreneur who has been in the wedding and entertainment industry for over 10 years.

He has spearheaded the firm since its inception, while charming his clients with his humility and keen eye for perfection. He possesses vast amount of experience in crafting exquisite and majestic weddings. Hailing from the ad world, he lives to capture the eye of the consumer, knows his way around the B-Town starlings and will make sure you and your guests fondly remember your special day.

Abhishek Ballan
Abhishek Ballan

Abhishek Ballan is expert in theme and destination wedding in India & Abroad, his attention to details makes him a potent combination of styling and planning.

The go-to guy for all your wedding woes. He’s the jackand the master of all wedding trades, from managing production to planning to execution. His multifarious personality and calmness helps clients glide through their wedding preparations. His omnipresence throughout will make you wonder where is his superhero cape!

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